Café Reviews

I go to cafes often and want to record down my experience, so that I can leave a trail of credible, organic reviews for these places. So that reviews for these places aren’t just dominated by professional bloggers’ sites.

I rate these cafes commensurate with their prices. After all, one does not expect single-origin hipster beans from the neighborhood kopi-tiam; at the same time, Starbucks is almost always overpriced. Of course, coffee merely forms part of the cafe experience among other factors, such as the atmosphere and the food, so I try to keep those in mind too.

My scale is out of 5:

Orange & Teal

  • July 2021. I tried a black coffee and a latte, both were terrible. The salmon quiche ($6.5) was probably microwaved too.
  • The coffee was likely made by an automatic illy machine. No crema at all. Totally overpriced.
  • The ambience was not too bad - good selection of books to choose from.
  • 1/5, since the latte was heavily overpriced at $5.5 - I could have had a much better one at Jimmy Monkey, a few blocks away.



  • Visited in May 2021. Tried the Ethopian pour over. It’s alright; nice clean taste, but not much else.
  • The cafe has a nice aesthetic, except that the outward view is kinda terrible due to ongoing construction outside.
  • 3/5, since it was priced relatively higher at $8.


  • Visited in May 2021. I spotted Nylon beans, but I’m not sure which ones they used specifically.
  • Nice ambience, but CHIMES is just nice in general.
  • I had the long black for $5. Nothing particularly special.
  • 3/5

Author: Donald Lee Qian Siang