Coffee Bean Reviews

I don’t have sensitive taste buds. You know how coffee beans usually list their tasting notes on the package? I can barely taste those. So these reviews are really just me.

Coffee machine: Gaggia Classic

Grinder: Baratza Encore (not the best for espresso, I know…)

I’m ranking these from 1-5. And I’m always ranking them commensurate with their prices.

Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee: Smoky Quartz

Tiong Bahru | 250g | $17 | espresso | Aug 2021

  • A nice, chocolatey blend. This place’s beans have been surprisingly consistent with my grinder and machine.
  • 4/5.


Kurasu Singapore: Ethopia Hambela Wamena

Bugis | 125g | $18 | espresso | Jun 2021

  • Their ground floor cafe, unfortunately, faces a noisy construction site. It’s going to be there for a while.
  • It seemed like most people there were drinking filter coffee. It’s probably nice - I made a mistake buying espresso beans there.
  • I tried a long black - didn’t taste particularly outstanding for the price. The barista was really nice though. After my first cup, he brought another with different beans, to try for free.
  • I bought my most expensive beans (by weight) beans here. But they tasted disappointingly bland with my machine.
  • 3/5 - overpriced. If you do go: get the filter coffee.


Thus Coffee

Star Vista | 250g | $15 | espresso | May 2021

  • The barista went under the counter and poured out the beans from a giant bucket into a bag, then slapped a sticker on it.
  • So the low quality shouldn’t be a surprise - beans stored like that can’t possibly stay good for very long.
  • I gave this place a pity try since the other nearby cafes were all out of beans, just before the Circuit Breaker.
  • 2/5. Actually tastes ok, but $15 is pricey for beans of this quality.



Nuts & Bolts

Jalan Besar | 250g | $16 | espresso | 2021

  • Sweet, chocolatey.
  • 4/5. Not bad.


Jimmy Monkey

One-North | 250g | $16 | espresso | 2021

  • Oily, really oily crema. The beans shine. Pretty nutty, chocolatey.
  • Side note: I’ve been buying beans from Jimmy Monkey since 2013, but they don’t roast them there anymore.
  • 4/5. So far, best value for money.


Tiong Hoe Speciality Coffee

Jet Black

Tiong Bahru | 250g | $16 | espresso | 2020

  • Caramel, hazelnut. Not bad at all.
  • Somehow, all beans from TH have worked pretty well with my machine.
  • 4/5. I gotta try the other flavors soon.



Mr Brownstone

Beauty World | 250g | $18 | espresso | 2020

  • Meh, not very good.
  • I bought mine from Flag White at Beauty World but I’ve seen it sold in other cafes too.
  • 2/5. Not worth the price.



Terra Firma

Jalan Besar | 250g | $18 | espresso | 2020

  • Tastes like berries ’n shit.
  • 3/5. Meh ~



Uraga Tome

Jalan Besar | 250g | $18 | pour-over | 2020

  • Legitimately tasted ginger and orange. Not too overpowering, but just enough to identify it. Doesn’t taste like any other pour-over I’ve ever had.
  • Really amazing aroma. Light ginger scent.
  • 5/5, but in general I prefer espressos.


Author: Donald Lee Qian Siang