How to run locally built instances of FRRouting with netns

This is useful for locally testing topologies while developing.

  1. Start the first instance of FRR, however your OS does it.
    1. On Archlinux, this is: sudo systemctl start frr
  2. Setting up another netns and interface
    1. Create a network namespace (ns) named blue (or any other name): ip netns add blue
    2. Verify it: ip netns list
    3. Create two interfaces ip link add veth0 type veth peer name veth1
    4. Verify the two appear: ip link list
    5. Move veth1 from the global ns to the blue ns: ip link set veth1 netns blue
    6. Verify that veth1 is gone from the global ns: ip link list
    7. Verify that veth1 appears in the blue ns: ip netns exec blue ip link list
  3. Create a copy of /etc/frr, move it to a new directory: /etc/frr/blue
  4. In /etc/frr/blue/daemons, set the blue ns: #watchfrr_options="--netns=blue"
  5. Start the second instance of FRR: /usr/lib/frr/ start blue
  6. vtysh into them, and verify veth0 and veth1 appear in the first and second instance respectively
    1. First: sudo vtysh, then show interface veth0
    2. Second: sudo vtysh -N blue, then show interface veth1
  7. To stop the second instance of FRR: /usr/lib/frr/ stop blue


Author: Donald Lee Qian Siang